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New Era

Shaun & Maree Barford made the long trek from Queensland half way across Australia to the beautiful town of Kimba when they purchased the lease in December 2014. The pub was bigger than they expected, a very welcoming community and for more than 5 years Kimba has become their home.


The Kimba Gateway Hotel has many friendly faces including the Bar Manager Vicki Klingberg, Head Chef Nikesh Poudel, Housekeeping Supervisor Rachell Westhoff and their teams that ensure the hotel runs efficiently and effectively. The Hotel Team are dedicated to providing our travelling guests with a taste of warm, friendly and sincere country hospitality.  Guests often comment on their surprise at the size and facilities of our local pub and all comment on its abundant character and charm and will often make the effort to ensure their return journeys bring them back to Kimba.