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Dunia DesignsWe are an eco-friendly design company that specialise in the up-cycling of plastic bottles, plastic bag waste & other recycled materials to create beautiful & bespoke furniture. ... Employment. employment.jpg. Since 2015, we have employed many teams of people to collect bottles and bags within the Arusha region, as well as many craftspeople to work on our original designs. Learn More ... outdoor Range. We have expanded into an outdoor range of seating, decking, tables and more.【Get Price】

Can I Recycle This? | Plastics Make it Possible11 May 2016 ... Burying used plastics in a landfill is a waste of valuable materialsfortunately, today more and more plastics are living another life in a variety of items such as resilient fleece jackets, fun playground equipment, or gorgeous backyard decks. Also new packaging, durable kitchen utensils, creative toys, colorful home décor, and even tough car parts. For more information on recycled plastics, click here. Read this article and take a closer look at recycling plastic bottles ...【Get Price】

Recycled Plastic Products for Home and Garden | HGTVoutdoor Design Redo: plastic Makes Perfect. Do something good for the ... and it's called recycling. All of the plastic items that used to go into landfills are beginning to experience a second coming as attractively designed, eco-friendly products for the home and yard. ... With recycled plastic fencing you can reproduce the aesthetic appeal of a split rail redwood fence like this example from Close the Loop but avoid the problems that come with wooden offerings. There is no need for ...【Get Price】

Eco-Friendly Carpeting Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles | Today's ...You may be aware that plastic bottles can be recycled into a number of items, including building materials such as fencing and composite decking. But there's another use for recycled plastic which you might not know about carpeting for your home! Carpeting made from recycled plastic is a growing industry that uses three billion plastic bottles a year. Advantages of recycled plastic carpeting include: Stain resistant; No static buildup; Eco-friendly; Looks and feels natural ...【Get Price】

Recycled Plastic Lumber: Coming to a Park Near You19 May 2017 ... Park benches, playground equipment, and even backyard decks and furniture made with recycled plastics have become increasingly popular. ... It's a great solution for your backyard if you're looking to build a beautiful deck without the maintenance, splintering, rotting, and splitting associated with traditional outdoor decking materials. And you can top off your deck ... plastic bottles, jugs, and containersrigid plasticstypically are collected in curbside recycling bins.【Get Price】

Recycling Challenge #2: Know Your Recyclable Materials, Plastic ...30 Oct 2012 ... Shed some light on the issue. Recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60-watt light bulb for up to six hours. 2. It's a growing demand. According to the EPA, the amount of plastics generation in municipal solid waste has increased from less than 1 percent in 1960 to 12.1 percent in 2007. 3. Get a creative boost. recycled plastic bottles can be made into products such as clothing, carpeting, detergent bottles and lumber for outdoor decking.【Get Price】

Recycle Plastic Every Day: Bottles, Bags, Containers & More12 Aug 2015 ... Recycle plastic you use every day like bottles, bags, containers, foam and more. Get the whole family involved in ... It is often recycled into outdoor furniture and other durable products such as plastic lumber, park benches, roadside curbs, truck cargo liners, trash receptaclesand new bottles. (Tip: rinse your bottles with ... plastic bags generally are recycled into plastic lumber for decks, fences and furniture and into new plastic bags. Before recycling bags, be sure ...【Get Price】

Common Questions About Recycling - Wisconsin DNRCommon forms: bottles for soft drinks, water, juice, sports drinks, mouthwash, ketchup and salad dressing; food jars for peanut butter, jelly, jam and pickles. recycled into: fiber for carpet, fleece jackets, comforter fill and tote bags. Good recycling market. #2 HDPE - high density polyethylene. Common forms: bottles for milk, water, juice, cosmetics, shampoo, dish and laundry detergents and household cleaners. recycled into: plastic lumber for outdoor decking, fencing and picnic tables; ...【Get Price】

Plastic Wood Composites: A Great Way to Recycle Plastics9 Oct 2009 ... Today's plastic bottles, bags and product wraps could be tomorrow's durable deck or other plastic wood composites. But only if you recycle your plastics. ... outdoor deck featuring plastic composite wood decking. Don't be fooled by a convincing faux finish the wood on and in your walls, doors, window frames, decorative molding and outdoor decking and fencing might all be made with plastics-wood composites. Here's why that's a very good thing More and more ...【Get Price】

Plastics Recycling in four simple steps | Alberta Plastics Recycling ...Through municipal recycling programs, specific types of post-consumer plastics are collected, processed for recycling, and used to create an array of second-generation products everything from fleece jackets and bottles for beverages and detergents to carpeting and even high-end composite lumber for outdoor decking. Consider this: In most areas, the demand for recycled plastics exceeds the available supply. The message to consumers, especially those of us with access to ...【Get Price】

Recycling | IBWA | Bottled WaterThe bottled water industry has made significant inroads in reducing the amount of plastic used to make bottled water containers by light-weighting its packaging. Between ... It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions; recycled plastic bottles can be made into new bottles or items such as plastic lumber for outdoor decking, playground equipment, carpeting, clothing, and car parts; Recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60-watt light bulb for up to six hours.【Get Price】

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